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Ángel Verdasco Arquitectos is an architectural studio dedicated to the development of projects and works, including investigation, teaching and professional work.

The studio focuses on understanding architecture as a multifaceted tool capable of mediating, resolving and channelling social, technical and cultural aspects relevant to every project.

Developing a unique kind of architecture.

Architecture as a strategic operation that connects people, identities, programmes and territories.

The studio’s multi-disciplinary team is engaged in projects including public buildings, urban regeneration, residential areas and landscape constructions, and has obtained various top prizes in architectural competitions for works including the Auditorium Theatre of Guadalajara, the Centre of Water and Irrigation (Huesca), the landscape area in the Tajo River (Teruel) and the restructuring of the Central Market of Melilla.


The work of the team has been widely published and exhibited (Casabella, Live Architecture and the Gallery of Sketches of El Croquis, amongst others). The Official Architects’ Association of Madrid (COAM) dedicated an Exhibition and a Monograph “Á.Verdasco. A Grammar of Landscape”.




The team’s construction work has been awarded with the BUILD Architecture Award 2020, GLOBAL Award 2020/21, Arquitectura+Prize 2019, VII Bienal of Spanish Architecture; FAD Prizes  First Anthological Prize of Castilla-La Mancha and the Prize for Architecture Castilla-La Mancha and finalist Pemio MAPEI 2019.

Ángel Verdasco directs the studio.


Architect (1995) and Doctor of Architecture (2013) with highest qualifications from the Architectural School of Madrid (ETSAM).

He is Associate Professor of Architectural Projects in the School of Architecture of Alcalá (ETSAH) and has taught at the Madrid, Seville and European Schools of Architecture, as well as lectures and seminars in England, the United States, Mexico, Morocco or Colombia and invited guests to juries, biennials and exhibitions.

Finalist in the Tenth Biennial of Architecture Thesis Contest (Fundación Arquia) and he has published architectural articles and two books about the organicist architect Curro Inza.

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