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Conservatory of Music and Dance in Córdoba


An orchestra is spatially organized according to families of instruments: wind, string, percussion… With this approach, the purpose is to organize the conservatory following the spatial logic of an orchestra and grouping the different types of classrooms (families) in different precincts.


In this way, the character of each part is not determining to achieve a global result; in a different way, the orchestra does not sound the same. The relationship between the parts and the whole thus defines the character of the conservatory.


Each area is laid out around a courtyard. Here the courtyard is conceived as an ideal typology in terms of climate, because it establishes an adequate insertion and link with the place (the city of Córdoba). Each courtyard gathers a type of users – solo performers, choral groups, etc. – so that the connection between the different precincts permits the interaction among the different users. However, the auditorium takes a markedly central position, because it is the place that reflects everything that has been learnt in the rest of the complex.


A priority objective for a conservatory is guaranteeing adequate acoustic conditions. In this case, because the building is close to a road, the classrooms flow onto the interior of the courtyards so that the circulations can occupy the outer perimeter, which acts like an efficient acoustic buffer.


Each group of classrooms is built with a type of prefabricated concrete panel with glass pieces that can have different surface finishes. The greater or lesser opacity of the panel is determined by orientation of the facade and the noise level to which it is exposed. Furthermore, in the interior of the courtyards a second type of panel is used, this time of perforated metal sheet.


This constructive approach gives way to another reflection. It would be beautiful to think that, sometimes, the music that is played inside the building has been somehow “frozen” on the facades, and that, in a metaphorical attempt to blend music and architecture, we have abstracted a series of staves that are in a certain way related to the definition of the enclosures.


Conservatorio de Música y Danza. Localización: Avda. Equipo 57, Córdoba. Concurso: 2004. Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Córdoba; Procórdoba S.A.Arquitecto: Á.Verdasco. Colaboradores:Jaime López; J.María González. Superf:4.125 m2. Presup.: 1.890.763 euros.

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