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The Blue Auditorium


The Blue Auditorium is inside the educative buildings of the Central Market.


Music activities and acts mainly from within the local Muslim and Christian communities are programmed here.


Next to the lobby, this space can be used apart from other educative areas and at anytime during working or festive days. It is located within a large demolished nave with curved windows, which is invisible from the outside.


Within such a compact city, it acts as a secret and an empty interior to be discovered. The adjustable curtains allow for daytime or night-time use, and thus it is at once a nocturnal auditory and a great hall for rehearsals or activities during the day.


It blue-coloured and it metallic walls alludes to the sea of Melilla and its maritime nature.


Melilla. Año: 2018. Arquitecto: Ángel Verdasco. Aparejador: Juan Carlos Corona.Colaboradores: Brianda Campoamor, Ricardo Mayor y Roberto Marín. Ingenieria Acústica: V2V. Vicente Mestre. Fotos Jesús Granada, Rubén P.Bescós y Manoli Fotógrafos.

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