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Buero Vallejo Theater-Auditorium, Guadalajara. Competition 1st Prize


Located in an irregular plot between the historic center and the university campus, in the midst of an urban fabric devoid of character, the first decision springs from the idea of using the entire plot by laying out the program along the edges, thereby achieving a “maximum perimeter” condition that endows the intervention with a unitary image, expressing itself as a complete complex. Regarding its urban configuration, the building is lined up with the main classrooms building and places its principal access on the street with a busier circulation. In the upper part of the parcel a pedestrian access establishes a direct relationship with the historic center, thus spanning the difference in level regarding the auditorium by “tying up” terraces and gardens; meanwhile, the other access leaves the main one free from the disturbances of loading, unloading and parking activities.


The different activities are represented by a form in tune with the use required; however, the foyer is a result rather and can be understood as a residue with no specific form. From the access to the foyer, a marked change in scale intends to guide into an “inner world” able to isolate the individual and favor concentration


in the performance (artistic and social) about to be viewed. The strategic arrangement of openings is also important, because they block the views of the anodyne exterior context, though they do permit enjoying the sight of the courtyard-gardens and of some fragments of sky.


The stage box is separated from the main street and is camouflaged thanks to the zinc roof that “ties” the complex, in an attempt to make such a recognizable element lose form. The main hall (with more than 1,006 seats) has orthodox proportions (double square, and width matching height) that guarantee optimum acoustic conditions, and the possibility of mechanic division through soundproofing panels.


The facades (of mass concrete with recesses), as cut-outs that absorb the unevenness of the terrain and the roof, merge enclosure and structure and come to resemble fabric. And the south one, over the courtyards, is a negative version of the other facades.


Teatro Auditorio Buero Vallejo. Localización: Cifuentes, 30. Guadalajara. Proyecto-Realización: 1997-2003. Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara; . Arquitectos: Á.Verdasco; L.Rojo/ B.Fdez-Shaw. Colaboradores: José Ramón Pérez, aparejador; Manuel González, aparejador; Miguel de Guzmán y Gema García. Consultores: A.Gómez Gaite, estructura; R.Úrculo, instalaciones; Arau acústica. Contratista: Ferrovial. Fotografías: Miguel de Guzmán. Sup.const: 7.150 m2. Presupuesto: 6.228.511 euros.

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