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Regional Center for Environmental Resources, Valladolid


Through its architecture, the center explicitly shows the program and the intentions it harbors, disseminates and promotes. The building is conceived as an organism that, just like natural resources, moves and has to negotiate with two worlds: the natural and the artificial, the built and the unbuilt. As a filter between the pavilions and the exterior worlds, there is a “membrane” that acts as mechanism half-way between the natural and the artificial, allowing the registry of alterations (color of the seasons, news, etc.) of the region, aside from controlling temperature in the building thanks to the bioclimatic and walkable roof that is incorporated into the didactic itinerary.


Nature here is understood as an energy resource, informative image or didactic program, in that attempt to transform the center into an educational tool, illustrative of Castilla y León. At the same time, the membrane combines different aspects of the natural resources – vegetation that varies throughout the year, photovoltaic receptions and repositionable images that refer to the region and to the exhibitions – and brings them into the architecture, mixing the vegetal, the iconographic and the energetic.


Centro de Regional de Recursos Ambientales, Valladolid. Localización: Vivero forestal, Valladolid. Concurso: 2004. Promotor: Comunidad Autónoma de Castilla y León. Arquitecto: Ángel Verdasco. Colaboradores: Jaime López, José María González. Superficie: 2.535 m2. Presupuesto: 5.890.550 euros.

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