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Halls of Plaster


The project consists of three halls that grant access to three educative centres and which vary in size and proportion but have the same style.


These spaces are intended for use by communities sharing the buildings to feel connected through a sense of shared ownership and through a fostering of relations.


On the other side of the border of Morocco are located works of wooden coffered. We reconverted these to plaster in an accurate re-interpretation of local materials and geometric patterns.


Simultaneously, in the streets of Melilla there is a work of stone on the ground with the letter “M” written in the alphabets of the four cultures living in the city. We also converted this to plaster and transformed it a gesture of architecture speaker into the halls as social spaces for meeting.


Two humble materials and most of all highly available give continuity to these public spaces forming a balance of abstraction and detail. We placed black tiles on the floor and base and white plaster on glass and black walls on walls and ceilings.


Melilla. Año: 2018. Arquitecto: Ángel Verdasco. Aparejador: Juan Carlos Corona.Colaboradores: Brianda Campoamor, Ricardo Mayor y Roberto Marín. Ingenieria Acústica: V2V. Vicente Mestre. Fotos Jesús Granada, Rubén P.Bescós y Manoli Fotógrafos.

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