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Mixed-Use Building by the Station, Zaragoza. Competition 3rd Prize


The competition takes as point of departure a predetermined volumetry from a commercial plinth upon which three towers rest, two are residential towers and the other is for offices. In the plinth we propose commercial streets that permit crossing through the building, so favoring the permeability between the city and the AVE station; on the plinth, a public garden for leisure and sports activities acts as base of the residential towers, which in this way rise one height in search of the best views from any given position and also extend the garden surface.


The objective is to incorporate the bioclimatic into the project, as if it were another material. In this way the towers make the most of their conditions and become protectors and collectors of energy. With a double orientation, the ends of the dwellings have ‘climatic bands’ that alternate voids, interior gardens and storage areas, allowing a free distribution of the interior with rooms that have these three elements. Finally,the raised floor makes the


interior space more flexible. Moreover, the ‘climatic bands’ provide a greenhouse effect in winter and release heat in summer. Another central band groups restrooms and circulations.


The facades perform as an energetic ‘buffer’ alternating glass, U-glass, terraces and panels (solar and photovoltaic) that ensure climate control throughout the year, minimizing heating and cooling costs. The purpose is to incorporate bioclimatic elements in the architecture, rather than carrying out a mere roof installation. For this reason the facade panels act as another enclosure. Their proportion varies, logically, depending on their orientation, being larger towards the south and smaller towards the east and west. Lastly, on the north front there are no solar panels, and the U-glass is replaced with an opaque enclosure in order to minimize the glazed surface.


Edificio de usos mixtos junto a la estación, Zaragoza. Localización: Estación del AVE. Avda. de Navarra. Zaragoza. Concurso: 2007. Promotor: Zaragoza Alta Velocidad. Arquitecto: Ángel Verdasco. Colaboradores: Sara Jimenez, Ricardo Mayor, Alejandro Piqueras, estudiantes. Superficie Viviendas: 14.350 m2. Superficie Comercio/oficinas: 11.170 m2.

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