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Space for Artistic Production “La Regenta”, Las Palmas. Competition 2nd Prize


Between the beach of Las Canteras and the port, the scheme contemplates the construction of a center for artistic production in the plot currently occupied by the La Regenta Art Center.

With a bay of offices attached to the listed facade and two floors of exhibition spaces open to a covered courtyard, the proposal suggests endowing the building with new spatial conditions while preserving the existing one. On the courtyard, the volumes rises to offer more surface area, and, regarding the facade, it is set back in order to draw in natural light. Thus, the building will continue to be lower than the adjoining ones.


What space corresponds to creation and artistic production? The space  proposed  is  multipurpose  and isotropic, able to accom-


modate and make compatible different activities. To achieve this, the design proposes a series of multipurpose spaces for the new activities through the insertion of slabs that alternate solid surfaces (concrete) and transparent ones (reinforced glass). The solid surfaces have a raised floor and ceiling for insulation, enabling the simultaneous development of varied kinds of activities thanks to the different types of enclosure (metal curtains, acoustic panels, etc.). Furthermore, the transparent surfaces of the slabs, aside from favoring the permeability between activities and circulations, guarantee natural illumination for the whole complex. The intervention is rounded off with an external enclosure of tinted translucent glass that blurs the boundaries between the different spaces, sparking in visitors the overall perception of the whole framework.


Espacio de producción artística “La Regenta”. Localización: Las Palmas,  Gran Canaria. Concurso: 2005. Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Las Palmas. Arquitectos: Ángel Verdasco, Manuel Feo. Colaboradores: Berta González,  estudiante; Jaime López, estudiante; Pedro Rodríguez, estudiante. Superficie construida: 3200 m2.

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