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Sports Facilities in a Water Deposit, Madrid


The program is centered on an old water deposit sitting on a hillock in the center of the park, formerly part of the network (no longer in use) of the Canal de Isabel II. The competition brief demanded the deposit’s reconstruction adding two squash courts and a cafeteria to revitalize the place.

Drawing on the hydraulic memory (water container), the design proposes the addition of a water-related use to the competition bases. This aquatic content is a swimming center for


children and a spa for adults, sharing a same space but with different schedules, thus reactivating the center also in the evenings.


To avoid touching the trees, the program is laid out on top of the deposit in search of the views, and the interior accommodates the swimming center. And in order to enhance the existing deposit (ceramic, opaque and weighty), the new extension is metallic, light and permeable.


Instalaciones deportivas en un depósito de agua. Localización: Parque de Fuencarral, Madrid. Año del concurso: 2007. Promotor: Junta de Distrito de Fuencarral. Arquitecto: Ángel Verdasco. Colaborador: Magán Peláez. Superficie: 756 m2. Presupuesto: 1.190.000 euros.

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